Artist of the Year

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Artist of the Year competition is an opportunity for artists to gain recognition for their art by displaying one or two recent pieces at our monthly meeting. Either the guest speaker or group voting awards first, second, and third place and lots of positive feedback.

At the end of the year, points accumulated from monthly meetings are used to determine gift cash for first, second, and third. 

(Awards below ordered Left to Right, 1st, 2nd, 3rd):

October is a Haskew Challenge month - with the subject of "Love". Bring your expression and share with the group on October 25.


October -  Linda Onderko - pencil , Cindy Rashid - Encaustic, and Kathy Fish - pastel. Haskew Challenge award went to Cindy Rashid's encaustic and Dan Hawkin's drawing, for the theme of "Love"
artistofyear oct17


September -  Paul Tibedeau - oil , Dave Justus - oil, and Mike Tavares - oil. Honorable mentions: Valerie Bayer, Linda Onderko and Linda Pelowski.
artistofyear sep17

August -  Kathleen Fish - pastel, Dave Justus - oil, and Mike Tavares - oil.

artistofyear aug17

July -  Linda Pelowski - watercolor , Dan Hawking - watercolor, and Paul Tibedeau - plein aire oil. Honorable mention to Patricia Kechan, oil. Due to camera issues we don't have photos this time.

Haskew Challenge winner (theme, "Excitement"): Gerry Pas photograph.

haskewchallenge jul


JuneJim Velthoven - Watercolor , Mike Tavares - Oil, and Linda Pelowski, Pastel. Honorable mention to Bob Wesley's ink interpretation.

artistofyear jun17

MayDan Persinger - Oil Painting , Janice Dumas - Watercolor, and Linda Pelowski, Pastel - (not shown - photo of her art was lost)

Honorable mentions went to Paul Tibedeau, Cindy Rashid and Sam Mobius.

artistofyear may17

Dan Hawkins - Watercolor, Jennifer Thrift - Photograph, and Bob Wesley - Acrylic

and below Artist of the Year, Haskew Challenge ("Imagine") Winner: Candy Brancik - Pastel

artistofyear apr17

 haskewchallenge apr

Linda Pelowski - pastel; Sam Mobius, acrylic, and Gerri Pas, photo.

artistofYR mar17

Linda Pelowski - pastel; Bob Wesley, ink, and Jennifer Thrift, photo.
Honorable mentions to Dan Hawkins, colored pencil, and Paul Tibedeau, oil.

artistofyear feb17

Jennifer Thrift-2 photographs, Jan Key, encaustic painting, 
and a tied 3rd: Dean Rogers - pencil, Paul Tibedeau -plein aire painting, and Sam Mobias - pastel.

artistofyear jan17