The Village Fine Arts Association is a regional, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting fine arts in the Huron Valley area and linked to broader Michigan arts councils and venues. Many local art careers, artist activities and events have been inspired by the seeds of encouragement that have come from this locally rooted community oriented organization.     
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Fans of the VFAA can help build the future Village Fine Arts Center: S.H.A.C.

Annual Poetry & Art Night (PAN) - Prospectus 
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Public Invitation: Saturday, April 12 - an evening of Art, Poetry, Music and Refreshments.

PAN is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the
Oakland County Office of Arts, Culture & Film


VFAA Mission:
Provide individual artists with opportunities for fellowship, inspiration and education by organizing, promoting and presenting monthly meetings with guest artists, workshops and juried exhibitions. We coordinate and participate with other community groups in art-related events to increase our visibility and further showcase our community's creativity derived from the freedom of artistic expression.

Volunteer-supported and funded by a combination of membership fees, business sponsors and grants. Your impact will make an impact in the richness and benefits of our local art community.  Go to Membership/Sponsorship/Donations

Meetings, Shows and Events

Open invitation to interested visitors, members meet on 4th Wednesdays of the month in a space provided courtesy of Milford Presbyterian Church on Main Street, from 7:30 to about 9:00 pm.

Communication/Outreach: The Artisan, this web site, Email subscription, (, Facebook, local news media press articles.


Exploring creative expression is for everyone. Whether you are interested in exploring different art mediums for yourself, taking a workshop to expand your knowledge, want to know more about the art world, or are a seasoned veteran willing to go further in your creative journey, you can join others and take your interest to the next level. OR maybe as a local business, you would like to partner with the VFAA and reflect your support of the arts in the Huron Valley area of Milford and the neighboring areas.

VFAA members include potters, weavers, oil painters, watercolorists, pastelists, acrylic painters, carvers, poets, musicians, photographers, sculptors, fabric artists the list is endless and varied.

The Village Fine Arts Association began in 1992, with the knowledge that there was a great need for the numerous artists in the Greater Milford Area to have an outlet to explore, expand and share their love of art.

What began as an assortment of different artists, getting together in coffee shops or in each others homes, today has grown into thriving and active group of over 100 artists, with a mailing list of over 425 other art-minded people in the Huron Valley area. VFAA is characterized as stimulating and welcoming.

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Current VFAA logo design: courtesy of Georgie Jagner.